ABBYY FineReader 14

Simple software from ABBYY that lets you digitize your paper documents with fantastic text results

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ABBYY FineReader 14
ABBYY FineReader 11

When it comes to paper documents, you have two main problems. first, you can't easily edit them when you want. Second, they are fragile, and this can lead to all sorts of problems arising. Through Finereader, you have a program designed specifically to address this problem because it digitizes the paper media, and you will be handed PDF documents that will give you the freedom to do what you want. Finereader works like an advanced program because it uses the optical character recognition on scans and photos for layout, text and tables.

Edit the Results within the Program

With Finereader, you can edit your results within the program to export them over to Word. This system remains compatible with scanners and cameras, and FineReader is not particularly difficult to use. You can detect the devices you have connected, and you can scan images and documents from your hard drive or camera. From there, you can read the image and the two windows will open. First, you will see the original image you have made, and second, you will see the digitized version that you can edit.

Finereader Performance

The performance of this program continues to be quite impressive, and we have seen it tested with document photographs, and the results were equally as stunning with the iPhone. When we watched the file get converted, it converted almost perfectly, and there were no errors with it. You might have occasional seen issues with the images, but Finereader will almost always give you decent results. Through the system, you can choose to export specific files like XLS, DOC, PDF and HTML.

Digitize Your Paper Documents

Because of Finereader, you can digitize your paper documents with ease, and it works excellently. It's the supreme choice because it is also easy to use. Business owners might especially find use in this product. For example, let's say you're a reputable law firm. You're trying to save money on paper printing. When you digitize your documents, you only print the documents you need, and you keep the rest of the files in the digital form. Over the long term, this can help you to lower your carbon imprint, and it can cut down on the costs. Many times these document management systems will also let you make use out of keywords to help you pull up files much faster.

One of the best things about this system is how easy it is to use. Another one of the great things about it is how you can export your files in a variety of useful formats, and you can achieve clear and professional looking text results. Whether or not you should download this system will depend on if you have a practical use for it.


  • Helps you to address the two main problems like delicate documents and being able to edit them.
  • You can digitally store your documents away until you need them.


  • The images don't get handled quite as well as the text.

The FineReader software by ABBYY is a digitizing program that allows users to convert their paper copies to editable, digital copies. In a highly digital world, it can be inconvenient to deal with hard copies of important materials. It is difficult to edit these, share them with others, and save them for future reference and use. FineReader eliminates these issues by taking paper copies and turning them into digital copies of the same material. This ensures that such documents can be easily edited, distributed and saved.

This feat is achieved by the use of a technology called optical character recognition. This reads documents and has the ability to reconstruct them in a digital format. Optical character recognition can detect and reconstruct not only text, but tables and even graphics.

After activating the software through a simple activation process that can be completed through an online account, phone call, or e-mail, users will be prepared to begin using FineReader.

From there, it is simple to use the program. It is compatible with all scanning hardware as well as cameras and other image capturing devices. The software has the ability to detect all hardware that is connected. You can then use any connectable device to scan in a hard copy of your choosing. FineReader will work its magic, and then you will be able to see both the original image and the digitized version side by side on your screen.

From there, it is simple to open, edit, save, or send the digitized version. In fact, one advantage of FineReader is that it allows users to export files in many different formats. PDF, HTML, XLS, and DOC formats are all available for exportation with FineReader.

FineReader works nearly flawlessly. It does an excellent job of recreating documents into a digital file. Occasionally, FineReader will have trouble uploading an image as flawlessly as it uploads other text and graphics. However, the results are generally very reliable.

The newest version of FineReader boasts super quick conversion speeds with the newest version of optical character recognition to offer the best possible results. FineReader now offers top notch support for the regurgitation of hyperlinks, a new and needed addition, while an automation manager helps ease the speed of recreation even further. Finally, digital camera OCR has been added with enhanced accuracy.

Ultimately, ABBYY is a great program that we highly recommend. It fills its intended function beautifully. It is simple to set up and a breeze to use. It provides a sufficient number of options for exportation and plenty of editing choices.


  • exports files to many different formats
  • great import quality
  • easy to use


  • reader often struggles importing images

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